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Customers tell us they LOVE our caricatures drawn from supplied photos and the artist's interpretation of the subjects. If you are thinking of a caricature as a gift, you are making the right decision!

Order your 100% custom artwork from Caricature King and you will get:

  • Good old fashioned personal service online since 2005
  • We start with ideas, not templates
  • A FUN and personal gift
  • People will congratulate you for "such a great idea!"
  • 100% original work done by your selected, experienced caricature artist
  • Quick turnaround, generally 3-5 working days
  • A draft stage/proof before final acceptance
  • Fast digital delivery of your unique art
  • Optional affordable poster print, canvas print or framed print service available
  • Pay in US$, Euro or Aust.$
  • Did I mention great personal service and responsive communication - because we care about your gift need!

Click the faces to see artist's Galleries

See artist Zalo's samples

Traditional caricaturist Zalo drawing
A classic hand draw style

Traditional caricaturist Zalo source

See artist Harry's samples

caricature sample for artist Harry who loves doing retirement gift caricatures(11K)
Realistic hand & digitally created

Source Photo for caricature artist Harry who loves doing retirement gift caricatures(11K)

See artist Luis's samples

Big head little body caricature expert is Luis
Big head little body photo source
True big head/little body - 100% digital

See artist Eddie's samples

Sample of digital caricature artist Eddie
Classic street style

picture for caricature artist Eddie

See artist Keimo's samples

Keimo is a digital artist who draws caricatures of people and pets (8K)
Keimo is a digital artist who draws people and pets (8K)
True caricature style created digitally

See artist Shane's samples

caricature artist Shane artwork
caricature artist Shane picture
A cartoon-like style 100% digital

See artist George's samples

Head and shoulders caricature artist George
Head and shoulders reference photo for artist George
A realistic yet quirky style 100% digital

See artist Darius' samples

caricaturist Darius for birthday gift caricatures
caricaturist Darius draws caricatures from photo
A Bold yet quirky style 100% digital

Expert artists draw your caricature based on your photo

Caricature King is a great place to commission a caricature gift from one of our experienced caricature artists. Browse through the samples of the artist's caricatures samples you will see we feature many caricature styles because we want you to be able to get the style that you like best.

crown (1K) What could be better than commissioning an original caricature from photo as a birthday, retirement, wedding, or other gift need.

We provide a range of digital caricature services to deliver to you personalized commissioned caricature using your supplied photograph. These fun caricatures are created to provide a stunning digital caricature artwork. The cost to commission a caricature from photo is possible at an very affordable price!.

crown (1K)Original quality caricatures have many uses
Your caricatures are expertly created by the artist of your choice and delivered to your email box in digital format.
Poster, canvas and framed prints print options are available as well! A digital caricature has several benefits including; faster delivery, lower price, plus a digital caricature is flexible in how you can use your personal caricature. It makes it ideal for use as a:
  • birthday gift
  • staff award
  • team momento
  • corporate gift
  • retirement gift
  • avatar for IM programs or Skype
  • business card
  • personal web site
  • personal gift
  • wedding related
  • Xmas gift/card
  • printed on cups/T-shirts etc - find out HOW

We also offer professional printing options, see order page for details

online ordering caricature from photos STEP 1 - Choose the caricature artist who's style best appeals to you

Select a caricature artist whose style you like best. There are more samples of the caricturists work on their pages so you can get a good feel for what they do.

Ordering instructions are included on all pages. You will then receive by email an original quality caricature based on the supplied photo. We even accept good clear images from cell phone cameras!

We also cater for individual up to large groups!

Questions? Feel free to Email us

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