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Affiliates Information and Sign-up

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate reseller for Caricature King (part of Plusone Marketing).

Our Affiliates Program provides you with the opportunity to earn 10% commission on each sale of each Caricature. Our average sale is $115. Many buyers are so delighted with their caricature, they come back within the 30 day cookie period and purchase several more caricatures, making your referral very much worth your while.

NEW - we pay bonuses - Sell 20 or more in any month and receive a commission of 15% on all sales for that month.

Note: Affiliate commissions do not extend to other add-on services (framing and poster prints) or items listed on the accessories page.

Our Affiliates program provides you with a simple system of signup, as detailed later on this page. We use Mtracker as the administration centre - a proven system used around the world by thousands of websites.

What sort of web site owners we welcome

  • Charities - this provides an easy way to bring in income with minimal effort.
  • Newsletter publishers - almost every newsletter has clients that would benefit from our product!
  • Membership/rewards sites
  • Sites dealing in photograpy
  • Any site that has avatars - forums/discussion boards/etc
  • Sites who can place the image on T-shirts, cups, mousepads etc
  • Gift sites
  • Scrapbooking sites

Caricatures can also make a great fundraising idea. This blog post has some suggestions Note* You may wish to transact the caricature with us on behalf of your client - you can then add a surcharge to increase your return

The types of marketing activities that have demonstrated proven results are:

  • Buttons and Banners placed prominently on websites to direct customers to the Caricature King website
  • Recommendations on your site in the form of editorial comment
  • On your forum - promotion in a location where people are thinking about their profile avatars etc
  • Emailing opt-in members, editorial in newsletters.
  • Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts

To proceed with the signup process, please read our agreement.

The Agreement

This agreement will be governed by the following rules and conditions:

  1. This agreement will be governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia.
  2. Plusone Marketing (Caricature King) will pay you (the 'affiliate') a minimum commission of 10% from sales through your affiliate links. This commission will increase to 15% for all sales in a month if more than 20 unique sales are recorded in that month.
  3. Commission is payable only on sales of caricature services defined as the production of an image by our artist and supply to the client. It specifically excludes any use of the resulting caricature in the production of any subsequent product/s or services that may be promoted on our website
  4. Commissions are only payable to third parties, and do not apply to purchases by affiliates themselves.
  5. Commission is not payable on sales that are not automatically tracked by our tracking system. Our affiliate software tracks click from your site while they visit our site. Sales are noted if the person returns to the site within the cookie period of 30 days.
  6. We will make commission payments to you on a monthly basis for the preceding calendar quarter for amounts in excess of US$8/A$10. Payment is via PayPal only and is made to all affiliates within 30 days of the end of the month.
  7. Commissions will be credited to affiliates only when the payment for the sale is cleared.
  8. If the buyer requests a refund at a later time, the original commission credited will be deducted.
  9. This agreement is purely for giving a commission on sales effected through referrals by affiliate's website. The term, 'affiliate', does not imply any formal association for partnership or agency with Plusone Marketing, or any of its online or offline activities.
  10. Affiliates will have online access to their sales and commission data through a user/password protected web page provided upon registration.
  11. Plusone Marketing will not be responsible for any technical failure that may result in the user's clicks or sales going unregistered. Although we will take reasonable steps to ensure that all legitimate sales are recorded and commissions paid.
  12. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time. Notice is to be given by email.
  13. Plusone Marketing will not accept responsibility for clearing affiliate's cheques at their financial institutions or any fees involved, or any fees incurred by affiliate payment through other means.
  14. Plusone Marketing will comply with Australian tax law, which may require the withholding of a percentage of the commission and remittance to the Australian Tax office. This only applies to Australian affiliates, meaning Australian affiliates WILL need to supply either an ABN or signed ATO exemption form stating you are a hobbyist, or otherwise tax will be withheld from any commission payments at the rate of 48.5% as required by law. ABN's should be provided in the TAX ID field when signing up, or signed exemption form faxed to 07 46301531. Non-Australian affiliates do not need to provide tax ID
  15. Plusone Marketing reserves the right to terminate any affiliate without notice for sending any unsolicited email (SPAM) or for misrepresenting the product, or bringing Plusone Marketing, Caricature King, or this affiliate program into disrepute. If an affiliate is terminated for such reason, any and all commissions unpaid will be forfeited by affiliate and we reserve the right to seek monetary damages from the affiliate.
  16. Affiliates agree and accept that email may be sent to them by Plusone Marketing in the form of newsletters and updates to advise of any changes in this agreement or other information deemed pertinent to this agreement. Affiliates can "opt out" by request.
  17. Plusone Marketing reserves the right to alter the terms of this agreement and any such altered terms are deemed to be in effect 7 days after posting. Affiliates will be notified by email of any major changes.
  18. Plusone Marketing reserves the right to delete affiliate registrations at any time where Internet fraud is suspected. Such sites shall not receive any commission paymentsand may be the subject of legal proceedings.
  19. Affiliates shall agree not to use any predatory advertising methods in the promotion of Caricature King products, services or affiliate program. Predatory advertising is defined as any method that creates or changes links or banners on web sites without the expressed permission of that web site owner. Participation in predatory advertising programs will be cause for the affiliate's immediate termination and may be the subject of legal proceedings.
  20. Wholesale sales are excluded, but a special introducer's bonus may be paid.
  21. Affiliates are able to order caricatures for their own use and get commission ONLY after they have transacted one non-personal order.
  22. Pay per click - allowed but not using the words Caricature King or CaricatureKing, or
I have read and agree with the terms and conditions as presented above. Now SIGN UP HERE

You will need to email us following sign-up detailing how you will promote the product to have your account activated.


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